Eleven new pieces!!

In the past few days, we received not one, not two, but eleven artworks for STCB’s Fundraising Auction!! And, as with all the artworks that we’ve received so far, we were simply blown away by their beauty! Go to ‘Artworks & Items’┬áto learn more about Francesca and Maya, mother and daughter from Spain, who created three gorgeous pieces using acrylic paint and resin; Janice Huckaby (Jan Art Gallery) who takes us on a colourful “Turtle Journey“; STCB’s manager Mabel Nava and her functional art; Marianne Zengerink, who shows us how to reuse Nespresso cups; Diane Winklaar and ”Zipper”; Lorraine Gentleman’s “Turquoise Turtle”; and Roger Nava, whose artworks are painted on both sides!

You can now bid on these items!