“Green In The Blue”

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“Green In The Blue” was made by Casper Douma at Salt Pier Bonaire.

When Casper was 10 years old he started snorkelling in the French Mediterranean. It was amazing, all those colours! He knew he wanted to see more of this, although it took me quite some years.

In 2011 he started taking pictures underwater and won the Dutch Championships for juniors, this inspired him to go further. After a few years of practising he was invited to write his first article in Duiken magazine (Dutch magazine). That was the beginning of a lot of articles and amazing pictures.

I want to show the world how beautiful our world is, really it is amazing! We need to take care of it together! I really love being a photographer, I love being in the nature spending time to take the best pictures of animals or nature.

You can find Casper Douma on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/businessbonaire/ or https://www.facebook.com/casper.douma or you can visit his: http://www.nature2experience.com/

“Green in the Blue”