“Ghost Net”

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This evocative piece was made by Hazel Cruzado using graphite and watercolour on paper. The driftwood frame was handmade by C.J. Rooms.

I am an artist currently based in Okinawa, Japan, of Filipino and Okinawa descent. I love the sea, and my work is often inspired  by things I see or experience in nature.

Hazel Cruzado is a local artist from a small fishing village, Yomitan-son, Okinawa Japan. Originally from the Philippines, she moved to Okinawa at the age of three with her family upon the invitation of her native Okinawan grandmother. Despite never having received formal training as an artist, the generous guidance of like- minded friends and the unfailing support from her family, encouraged her to pursue a career in art in 2012. Living in Okinawa has allowed Hazel to enjoy many of the natural beauties, unique experiences and outdoor activities that Okinawa has to offer. Her love for Okinawa’s nature, particularly the sea, is strongly portrayed in her work.

“Ghost Net” depicts a sea turtle entangled in a ghost net. For more information please visit Hazel’s website.

”Ghost Net”


”Ghost Net” with driftwood frame