“Turtle Town”

Eric Cremers

“Splash of Blue”

Francesca Louise Voyle

”Cultural Freedom”

Christie Dovale

“No Name Turtle”

Beatriz Toth

“Functional Turtle”

Mabel Nava

“Coffee Turtle”

Marianne Zengerink

“Turtle Journey”

Janice Huckaby

“Midnight Journey”

Maya Aguirre Kersjes

The STCB Fundraising Auction will run throughout 2017 with the dedicated support of STCB volunteers. All proceeds from this auction will benefit Bonaire’s endangered sea turtles.

Artists from Bonaire and around the world can decorate and donate a plywood version of the STCB turtle image, available from the STCB office (Kaya Korona #53), or create their own artwork. Once the artwork is complete, artists will return it, ready to hang, to be auctioned on 25th November 2017. Artworks will also be exhibited at the STCB office and selected locations prior to the auction, and promoted through this website. In addition to the artworks, the Fundraising Auction will also include other items and services, such as jewelry, hotel stays, private dinners and much more.

Please note that we would like to convey the message of conservation through the artworks by using found or recycled items, e.g. plastics from the beach, packaging etc.

All the artworks will be auctioned on 25th November 2017 at Landhuis Wanapa.